Addiction and Substance Abuse, more than any other family issue, is a deep and personal concern of mine. My many years served as a community youth worker and child protection social worker has alerted me to the increasing harm ‘addiction’ is having upon the health and well being of contemporary families. I am especially motivated and experienced in addressing the serious problem of substance abuse amongst our youth. Mediation processes can be effectively used to develop action plans that address the recovery needs of individuals and their family-at-large. As your family mediator, I will organize an Addiction Recovery Planning conference to come to terms with this issue in your family.

Separation and Divorce is the most common family issue mediated today. I am a certified Comprehensive Family Mediator and qualified to mediate all the primary concerns of couples in the process of separating and divorcing such as: custody; time with the children; child support; spousal support and the separation of family assets and debts. Successful mediation of Separation and Divorce issues typically requires from 2 to 6 sessions. I use an interactive